“Soyinka gathers people with drumming and singing and soothes the soul with her flute. And then she leads folks through the joys and depths of InterPlay forms and fun. Her way is heart-opening and healing. She embraces and honors the children and the child in each of us. After Soyinka’s visit we felt little lighter, loving, and lovable.”  AJ Johnson, Community Leader, Eastern Shore, Maryland

“Soyinka appears on your doorstep ready and willing to work. She is a gifted teacher and presenter, and a master when it comes to working with children and their caregivers. Her connection to African Americans, especially women, is incredibly strong.”  Sheila K. Collins, PhD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Interplay Leader

“A fabulous ambassador for InterPlay who bring the best of herself to people, both level of suffering/knowledge and her intrinsic light.” Carolyn North, author and activist.

Graduate students in the Sciences at the University of California Santa Cruz

“Thank you for getting us academics out of our heads. It’s very important for us to bridge mind-body-heart.”

“Soyinka’s love and openness are contagious in the best of ways!” 

“I appreciated your energy and skill in getting us to move. To put intention and vision in our movement – absolutely wonderful. Grateful to you for this experience.”



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