Soyinka Rahim, your Grassroots Spiritual Practitioner, was born and raised in Oakland, California in an Afrocentric family that explored holistic thinking, power to the people, the world’s religions, and many different art forms. Soyinka has channeled her experiences in dance, music, theater, poetry and song into facilitating movement, storytelling and ritual with diverse groups of children and adults in the U.S. and abroad.  “Since we all deal with fear, doubt, shame and disappointment,” says Soyinka, “it’s important to make opportunities to play, laugh, celebrate and love one another through this human experience.”

Soyinka Rahim, founder and director of OurThing Arts Company, is a Certified InterPlay Leader. Her CD, Bibo Love launched in 2016.

Soyinka has a long history as a member of the bay area’s most renown modern and ethnic dance companies. Her work taps into the power of sound and vibration to create peace and happiness for all humanity! In addition, she created the original, acclaimed Dance Play “An Alter Piece to Alter Peace,” and has worked with passion for intergenerational community in schools and community centers all over! Her work as a conference weaver and workshop leader includes Race Forward, National Association for Independent Schools Teachers of Color, Boys and Girls Clubs, Spiritual Directors International, and the Parliament of World Religions

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