Your Grassroots Spiritual Practitioner Soyinka Rahim

Welcome! Breathe In! Breathe Out with a sound! (BIBO!)

_0006437-Edit websiteAs your grassroots spiritual practitioner, I will hold the space for you to meditate and hear your inner voice, visualize your true purpose and create affirmations for your daily life. Through breathing, movement, storytelling and music, you will feel freedom, hope, and creativity. I will support you to have a better understanding of who you are as you develop internal peace.

For groups, I provide interactive movement and storytelling workshops using original music to celebrate the love that runs through all things. If your event or organization has an intergenerational, spiritual or social justice intention and would benefit from an opportunity to connect through play and celebration, I would love to collaborate with you.

One on one sessions, weekend retreats, day-long or evening workshops and community rituals with me can take you, your event, organization or family reunions to the next level of social consciousness around themes of intergenerational healing, class, race, gender and sexual orientation.


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